Frequently asked questions

1) What does the name of your company - Amevalue mean?
Amevalue is a play on words and comes from the phrase "I am a value," because our corporate culture and business processes are developed to make our cooperation as valuable as possible for both companies.
2) What is the cost per customer support agent?
The price per agent depends on different factors, such as full or part-time work, the number of tickets per month; the number of calls and e-mails per month; support hours (business time or 24/7, or other); agent's experience and expertise; the number of agents you need; systems you work with and others.’
3) Recruiting process and how fast could you find the best agents for our cooperation?
The average recruitment process takes about 2-3 weeks, but it all depends on the number of agents you need and their experience. The more experienced agents you need, the longer the recruitment process will take.
4) Onboarding process for new agents?
After a successful hire, we make sure to provide basic training to each agent. Our internal training block includes comprehensive soft-skills training and the basics of communication with customers. The next block is training on your company and product, based on materials that you can provide us with, or organizing training for specific work with your company.
5) Possible working hours of our agents?
Possible hourly scope of work of our agents: business time or 24/7 support hours.
6) Support languages?
Generally, we work with English and German-speaking customers, but we could provide you agent with the needed language of communication.
7) Results of cooperation guarantees?
We fix the key agreements in the cooperation agreement and we do our best to make you satisfied with working with you. But if you happen to be dissatisfied with the work of our agent, we will definitely replace him without pay for the hours worked in the current month or the previous month. If you are not happy with the work of our company in general, we will be ready to make concessions and compromises to come to an agreement.
8) Why are your services so cheap?
The fact is that in Ukraine the level of average salaries is lower than in Europe or the United States, therefore, working with us, you get high-level specialists who can provide a very high level of service for a lower price. 
9) KPI for agents
At the beginning of our cooperation, we will identify all the KPIs that are important to you and together we will monitor them throughout the cooperation.
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